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It’s a common phrase in a courtroom for a judge to bang on the gavel, and say “order in the courtroom,” so that he or she can obtain everyone’s undivided attention. However, if your a lawyer or a partner at a law firm and you wanted order in your personal life, call Senate Transportation Services NYC today!! We believe in being on time, and providing attorney’s across the New York City area with clean vehicles that arrive pre-stocked with complimentary water, and a FREE newspaper of your choice. With your hectic schedule consisting of research, trials, and consultation, the last thing you should be worrying about is reliable transportation. Can you imagine after having a long exhausting day at the office, and you finally decide to call it quits. You step outside eager to go home, but it seems that every yellow cab that passes by has someone in the backseat. You quickly pull out your smartphone and order a car app service that arrives to you in a matter of minutes. The only thing is his radio is way too loud, and the music doesn’t fit your taste. To top it off, he even took the longer route back to your residence. Only if you knew of a possible car service that could provide you with consistency, dependability, and class. We’ll, let us introduce you to Senate Transportation Services NYC, where we make lawyers daily lifestyles a lot simpler. Please take a few brief moments, and enter our conference room, so that we can further discuss multiple ways to bring order throughout your law firm.

“Order may get out of hand in the courtroom, but it doesn’t have to in your personal life.”                                                     -Senate Transportation Services NYC

“Let’s have a SIDEBAR discussion on arranging Senate Transportation Services NYC as your law firms #1 choice for your travel plans.” 

We all know that there is no such thing as a part-time attorney, and if you ever wanted to be considered one of the best, you have to work extremely hard. With that being said, at some point every lawyer needs a break from the pressure of a long strenuous trial. That’s why its always a great idea to enjoy a peaceful game of golf with a bunch of colleagues to escape from the high tension in a courtroom. This is the perfect time to inform the office secretary to make arrangements with Senate Transportation Services NYC to transport them out to the greens!! Limo service, car service, van service, transportation service to Appellate Court (27 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10040).


What are the benefits of a Limo Service Contract for a Law Firm?

  1. Avoid the traditional pay as you go, and have the luxury of your office being billed once every month.
  2. Develop a comfort level with our friendly drivers which puts your day at an ease, and instant chemistry is built.
  3. Pre stock your reserved vehicle just the way you like. For example: your favorite newspaper, your favorite beverage, your favorite snack, etc.
  4. Unexpected Comp Services
  5. Clean Modern Vehicles
  6. Professionalism
  7. We make your travel arrangements a lot simpler.
  8. Class
  9. Prompt Service (Avoid Surge Fees or long taxi lines)
  10. Integrity

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