“Before the opening bell rings TRADE in your old car service for Senate Transportation Services NYC.”

Can you imagine the pressure of being a stock broker on Wall Street? Once that opening bell rings, it’s a signal to get on your game, and all the outside personal distractions in your life, need to remain outside. The only noise that you should allow to consume your space while being on the floor are the phones ringing off the hook, the persuasive voice of brokers pushing to sell, and the clients eagerness to buy. It’s a day filled with ups and downs, high’s and lows, fist banging on the desk, and fist pumps on a closing of a major buyer. With all the high adrenaline running through your body throughout the day, once that little hand meets the number 4, and the big hand is pointing to the number 12, it’s certainly time to grab your briefcase, head outside and see the clean and comfortable suv that you reserved from Senate Transportation Services NYC. Whether your headed home to your family of 3, 4, 5, or 6, or you’ve decided that you and some of your colleagues wanted to discuss the stock market over a few drinks at your favorite happy hour bar; Senate Transportation Services NYC has sedans, suv’s, vans, sprinters, and shuttle buses at reasonable hourly rates.